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The seven years of broadcasting, researching, and producing FadeToBlack, compiled and accumulated a sizable database of information, that did not make past the research phase, and never made it into the radio program. After much consideration, we have decided that the data is too important not to share it with you.

In order to do so, GCN has developed a new project: The H-Factor.

The H-Factor is not about UFOs; it’s not about ET.

The H is for Human.

The name is also a nod and acknowledgment to the “H-Factor” – the 6th human personality trait, added to the Big 5, by Canadian scientists in 2000.
The H, in this case, stands for “Honor and Humility.”

GCN’s project will address ALL things human. Who we are as species, as a civilization, as an individual, and as a society.

H-Factor is a multi-media project (video+print). The videos will be short, around ten to fifteen minutes each, some as series, and bring you snapshots of information on human history, archeology, anthropology, language and communication, philosophy, neurosciences, human genome, AI.

All with the hopes of converging the information we have into knowledge, and the knowledge into “knowing” – who and what are we; Homo Sapiens, Homo Cogitans, Homo Loquens.

We also want to hear from you.

GCN has built this portal as a communication tool for you, to reach out, express your thoughts, and let us know what you want to learn and expand on.

New episodes of The H Factor will be released weekly and sometimes daily.

We have all of the content defined, and the future flow will be organic and created with your help, input, and conversation.

Our premiere episode of The H Factor is set for release the last week of July 2020.

Please bookmark this site now and subscribe to The Game Changer YouTube page.

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